Today, Google Chrome Introduces Three New Features.

Ensure your Chrome browser is up-to-date

The Google browser is poised to provide enhanced search suggestions now, in theory.

Google does a lot of different things these days, but the company is still probably best known for search. As such, Google continues to improve its flagship product, adding new features to help users place more accurate searches.

Friday, the company updated Chrome on iOS, Android, and desktop with a handful of new features intended to improve search. The updates are pretty subtle, and you may or may not notice them on your own, but keep an eye out for these three changes:

Enable Collaborative Search Suggestions

Google aims to enhance your search experience by offering pre-populated queries even before you start typing. Upon signing into Chrome and opening a new tab (desktop exclusive), Google Search will display suggested searches tailored to your previous search history, drawing from what others are currently searching for. For instance, if you’ve searched for “Japchae” before, expect recommendations for other Korean dishes.

While Google has traditionally provided popular and potentially relevant suggestions as you type, the concept of preemptively guessing your search intent before you even touch the keyboard feels somewhat peculiar. Despite being based on your past searches, the notion of Google predicting your search preferences before you’ve even formulated them might not sit well with everyone. After all, many users typically approach Google with a specific query in mind.

Images in suggested searches is expanded

You might have noticed that when you start typing a search for something specific (like “Isanti dining table” in Google’s own example) you’ll see images appear next to the search results. However, for vaguer queries, Google previously wouldn’t populate images. The company has now expanded this feature to place images next to broader searches too. So if you’re searching for a table, but don’t have a particular style in mind, you’ll still see different options that may help inform your decision. This feature will appear in Chrome searches on iOS and Android, so if you benefit from visual searches, the option should give a small boost to your Google experience.

Search suggestions will appear no matter the strength of your connection

Google is also expanding its on-device processing features to search suggestions. Going forward, if you’re in an area with poor service, Chrome will pull from your device’s resources to generate search suggestions. In addition, this functionality will help you receive more relevant search suggestions even when in incognito mode.


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