Shazam Can Now Identify Songs While You’re Wearing Headphones.

Shazam Can Now Identify Songs While You’re Wearing Headphones.

Headphones or no, Shazam can figure out that song for you.

Throughout much of music history, individuals encountering a catchy tune without knowledge of its title were left to grapple with the mystery independently. Attempting to hum or sing the melody to friends and family often proved futile, especially if the song was obscure or the rendition unclear.

Enter Shazam, a transformative song recognition app that revolutionized the experience for many, myself included. Whether catching the tail end of a radio track or discovering a captivating coffee shop hit, launching Shazam provided a quick solution, provided the surrounding noise allowed for a 10-second listening window. While Shazam faces challenges in noisy environments, its effectiveness in recognizing songs is notable. Apple recognized its value and acquired the company, integrating it into iPhones. Despite robust competition, Shazam remains relevant.

In a recent update, Shazam unveiled a noteworthy feature—song recognition while wearing headphones. While this may not be as relevant for streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify, where song titles are visible, it proves useful for identifying intriguing tracks during activities like watching a movie or playing a game.

It’s important to note that while Shazam previously had the capability to recognize in-app music playback, it now extends this functionality to situations where headphones are connected.

To utilize this feature, ensure your Shazam app is updated to the latest version or your iPhone is running iOS 17.3. When you hear a song you like in an app while wearing headphones, activate Shazam:

  • On iOS, access the Control Center tile. If not set up, go to Settings > Control Center and add Music Recognition.
  • On Android, swipe down and choose “Tap to Shazam” from notifications, or use the “Pop-Up Shazam” button when playing music on your phone. If these options are not visible, configure them in the Shazam app settings.

Furthermore, Shazam maintains its ability to recognize ambient songs while wearing headphones, as long as your phone is not playing music, and your headphones have a microphone.

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