Even Snapchat Has an AI Image Generator Now

Snapchat Has an AI Image Generator

The company is introducing an exclusive AI image generator designed specifically for Snapchat+ subscribers.

Snapchat Has an AI Image Generator

Snapchat’s initial venture into AI faced challenges with “My AI,” an AI chatbot integrated into Snapchat chats since April. This introduction received criticism as users couldn’t remove the chatbot, leading to concerns about potential misinformation regarding location access.

Despite the initial setbacks, eight months later, “My AI” persists, and Snapchat is intensifying its AI initiatives. The company recently revealed plans to launch a specialized AI image generator exclusive to Snapchat+ subscribers. Similar to other platforms like Meta’s recently unveiled generator, users can activate the AI feature and prompt the bot to create images based on simple or intricate requests. These AI-generated images can be sent as regular snaps, surprising friends who may anticipate a typical selfie but are instead met with an AI-crafted creation. While Snapchat+ users previously had the option to generate AI images for their My AI chat wallpaper, this new feature represents a comprehensive image generator for a broader range of creative possibilities.

Snapchat+ is not just enhancing image generation with AI; it’s expanding its capabilities. After capturing a snap, users will notice a new “Extend” option. This function comes in handy when a photo is taken too close to the subject. By selecting “Extend,” Snapchat employs AI to virtually “zoom” out, filling the frame with generative images to improve the composition.

Furthermore, Snapchat’s AI selfie feature, Dreams, has undergone a collaborative upgrade. Users can now include their friends in AI selfies, and each month, they receive a complimentary eight-pack of collaborative AI selfies.

It’s important to note that these advanced features are exclusive to Snapchat+, the platform’s premium subscription tier. Interested users can subscribe for $3.99 per month or opt for an annual plan priced at $29.99. The question remains: will these innovative features be compelling enough to prompt users to subscribe to Snapchat+? Some users might find the platform’s recent surge in spammy notifications irritating, potentially influencing their decision, although customizable notification settings provide a solution to this concern.

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