Delaware Judge a Reason for Hunter Indictment: Dershowitz

Joe Biden bribery and money laundering scandal



The unfolding saga surrounding the Biden family’s alleged involvement in bribery and money laundering scandals has taken a new turn, with legal experts shedding light on the potential implications for President Joe Biden. In a recent Fox News segment, legal analyst Gregg Jarrett and renowned attorney Alan Dershowitz discuss the mounting evidence against Joe Biden and the role of a Delaware judge in bringing these allegations to light.

The Heart of the Matter:

Gregg Jarrett opens the discussion by emphasizing the significance of the Joe Biden bribery and money laundering scandal, pointing to mounting evidence that suggests Joe Biden actively aided and abetted his son Hunter’s questionable schemes. He argues that Joe Biden’s complicity is evident through various documents, testimony, White House logs, emails, and text messages that indicate his direct involvement with Hunter’s clients.

Jarrett contends that Joe Biden’s actions appear to be complicit in promoting the Biden brand, which involved selling access to him for promises of influence. He highlights revelations from Devon Archer confirming Joe Biden’s signals and leverage for monetary gains. Despite whether Joe Biden personally benefited, Jarrett argues that under bribery statutes, it is still a crime if the money goes to any person or entity other than the public officeholder.

Professor Dershowitz chimes in, acknowledging Joe Biden’s lies about his involvement in Hunter’s affairs. However, he places emphasis on giving credit to Judge Noriega for ensuring that the case wasn’t covered up through a questionable deal. Dershowitz expresses hope for the appointment of a credible special counsel outside the Justice Department to investigate the President, emphasizing the need to avoid weaponizing the criminal justice system for political purposes.

Joe Biden bribery and money laundering scandal

Hunter Biden’s Alleged Influence Peddling:

The discussion delves into Hunter Biden’s lucrative dealings and his admission of having no experience in various sectors, yet receiving substantial payments from foreign entities. Jarrett questions the logic behind such payments, with Dershowitz explaining that these payments were likely for access to the President, characterizing it as a standard aspect of the American lobbying system.

Jarrett highlights the potential legal consequences, pointing out that paying for influence is a crime for the payer. Dershowitz agrees, emphasizing the need for a special prosecutor of unimpeachable integrity to thoroughly investigate the allegations. The conversation delves into the contradictions within the Justice Department and the need for an independent authority to ensure a fair and unbiased inquiry.


The Fox News segment raises compelling questions about the Biden family’s alleged involvement in bribery and influence peddling, urging a thorough investigation to determine the veracity of the claims. As the spotlight intensifies on Joe Biden’s role, the call for a special prosecutor gains traction, with legal experts asserting the need for a credible and impartial inquiry into what may be one of the most significant political scandals in American history. The role of the Delaware judge, Judge Noriega, is acknowledged as pivotal in ensuring transparency in the proceedings. The American public awaits further developments as the legal implications of these allegations unfold.

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